About Us

About Us


Our beginning


Dr. Diaa Abdelhady in 1987 established an architectural and structural consulting firm named ‘Diaa Architects’. Designs, supervisions, evaluations, and implementations are conducted on each project. Architectural, electromechanical and civil implementations are produced. We have generated unique projects all over Egypt. Urban planning is one of our strengths. Moreover, we have a team of green urban planning that is competitive. To end, our final product will always fulfill our main slogan.


– 1988


Residential & office building design


The office designed and supervised residential buildings such as: private residential blocks & villas in El-Mokattam, El-Obour and El-Shrouk during the period from 1988 until 1995. In addition, consultancy has taken place on execution, evaluation, and tabulation studies of huge projects, showed below from year 2000 until now. The company has completely expanded and transformed carrying out integrated general contracting work, geometrical consultation, design and supervision.




Hong Kong


In 2000 an exchange partnership was signed between our firm, Diaa Architects, & Art Home in Hong Kong.






In 2004 an exchange partnership was signed between our firm, Diaa Architects, & Art Home in China.






In 2010 an exchange partnership was signed between our firm, Diaa Architects, & Jassem Hayat.




New Cairo


We established a new head office in New Cairo to establish a better base and serve a larger sector.



Our Factors


Our Services

Diaa Architects continuously involves style in designs in order to enhance people’s lives. We have a creative team where structural engineers work along with architects from the beginning of every design process. Doing so, they learn from one another and combine their knowledge all together to create wholly unified design resolutions. The design team ensures having the knowledge base to produce buildings that are uplifting to use and environmentally sustainable.

Construction Supervision

We provide construction supervision service for all our served sectors. We provide highly skilled, precise, and time efficient supervision service to maintain and enhance the projects’ execution.


Our MEP engineers work collaboratively with our architects and designers to produce well-studied solutions. They analyze everything from thermal environments to airflow, to lighting, acoustics and water usage

Industrial Engineering

Keeping pace while meeting production demands is a product of our forward thinking and using unique approaches. We bring together teams with various strengths to think big and study everything, from environmental and economic impacts to being a good neighbor in your community.

Planning & Urban Design

Diaa Architects provides integrated solutions focused on economic and environmental sustainability as well as visionary appeal and functionality. We use detailed designs and developed guidelines, complicated redevelopment with accurate management, through to vision making and consulting which creates our success.


We believe that architecture enriches our day-to-day experiences. We do our best to deliver architecture which improves organizations’ function by studying human behavior within its contextual social structure. Through highly participating and respectful design procedures, we produce architecture that is both fulfilled, humble and stays true to its purpose, creating a sense of belonging that is significant to the society it serves.  We continuously involve style and high quality in our designs that would enhance people’s lives.

Landscape Architecture

We create aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces for public and private projects. We always seek to enhance and develop the quality of life inside every community we work on. We aim to deliver financially and ecologically sustainable solutions using thorough understanding and studying of urban contexts. Also, using modern and traditional techniques, we create superb outdoor spaces.

Interior Design

Architecture should provide seamless experience, from outside to inside. It all starts with understanding our client’s needs. We have created interiors that span the spectrum from private houses to office buildings. Our choice of materials, use of color, furniture selection are all coordinated as part of our overall scheme. Moreover, each element comprises the same procedure of improvement and questioning as the building itself.


Our Skills

Our team takes over everything, from an idea and concept development to realization. We believe in traditions and incorporate them within our innovations. All our projects incorporate a unique artistic image and functional solutions. Client is the soul of the project. Our main goal is to illustrate his/hers values and individuality through design.










Our Fantastic Team


Architect – Designer


Architect – Designer


Architect – Designer




Architect – Designer


Architect – Designer


Site – Engineer


Site – Engineer


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