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Our Services

What We Do

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Interior Design

Architecture should provide seamless experience, from outside to inside. It all starts with understanding our client’s needs. We have created interiors that span the spectrum from private houses to office buildings. Our choice of materials, use of color, furniture selection are all coordinated as part of our overall scheme. Moreover, each element comprises the same procedure of improvement and questioning as the building itself.

Landscape Architecture

We create aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces for public and private projects. We always seek to enhance and develop the quality of life inside every community we work on. We aim to deliver financially and ecologically sustainable solutions using thorough understanding and studying of urban contexts. Also, using modern and traditional techniques, we create superb outdoor spaces.


We believe that architecture enriches our day-to-day experiences. We do our best to deliver architecture which improves organizations’ function by studying human behavior within its contextual social structure. Through highly participating and respectful design procedures, we produce architecture that is both fulfilled, humble and stays true to its purpose, creating a sense of belonging that is significant to the society it serves.  We continuously involve style and high quality in our designs that would enhance people’s lives.

Planning & Urban Design

Diaa Architects provides integrated solutions focused on economic and environmental sustainability as well as visionary appeal and functionality. We use detailed designs and developed guidelines, complicated redevelopment with accurate management, through to vision making and consulting which creates our success.